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Discover LineaBicè

LineaBicè is a company that produces eco-sustainable glasses
with an elegant and original design. Our range of glasses,
compostable and recyclable follows the latest trends in the sector
of environmental sustainability, offering high quality products
that respect the environment and people.

Discover Bicè BIO

Bicé BIO is the first reusable glass made of material
bioplastic derived from renewable plant resources,
completely made in Italy.

Bicé BIO is 100% independent from the supply chain
production of traditional plastics of petrochemical origin.

Our products

LineaBicè is committed to creating eco-sustainable products for the foodservice and retail sectors. Our mission is to promote conscious and responsible consumption, offering practical, lightweight products suitable for the needs of adults and children.

LineaBicè glasses are all odorless and tasteless, suitable for any type of drink. They are also compostable and recyclable, luminescent and thermosensitive, with a non-slip external texture, resistant to impacts and washing in dishwashers – even industrial ones.

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Servizio Clienti +39 02 9372822


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