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ECOLOGICal inimitable

LineaBicé is the first line of reusable glasses that adapts in all its forms to environmental needs. Compostable, luminescent, heat sensitive and made of recycled plastic, they are all 100% made in Italy and dishwasher safe!

MATERIALs make it all

We are a 100% Italian company that in the last decade has invested a lot of energy in the research and production of new sustainable materials, such as: 


A particular compound that is resistant to shocks and dishwasher washes, such as plastic. But it should nevertheless be compostable in an industrial environment.
BicéBio is 100% made of biomaterial.


 We said no to polluting single-use plastics!
For this reason, we have given life to BicéColor, created with 100% recyclable plastics.  

REACTIVE Materials

Is it possible to have fun with glasses?
LineaBicé answer is yes, with BicéFluo, BicéThermo e BicéIce, 3 different kind of glass which react with light, heat and cold.
And they are obviously 100% made of recyclable plastics!

 Small actions can solve Big problems!


With LineaBicé we are not just satisfied with a glass with an attractive design.
A conscious choice is made for the sake of the environment in which we live.

More than 8000 glasses sold

RESISTant up to 500 dishwasher cycle

COMBINAtion of materials, colors and size available

more than 700 saved trees

a GREEN idea For your company!

LineaBicè it is the ideal choice to give a #green imprint to your business oriented towards respect for the environment, in particular with regard to restaurants, bars and clubs. Discover the purchase methods reserved for professionals or contact us to receive a personalized quote.

BicéBio FOR

The planet we live on is unique. We won’t have another one available. This is why we felt obliged to do our part by creating BicéBio.

The material of which BicéBio is composed is a material 100% of vegetable origin, washable and compostable in an industrial environment.

You can use BicéBio as many times as you want, with any drink (natural, sparkling, alcoholic or sweetened).

They do not flake off in any way, you can wash them in the dishwasher and you can safely dispose of them in the household waste, one at a time.

But not only: as an alternative to disposal, you can return them to us, who will recycle the material, recondition it and return new BicéBio to you at a very advantageous price!

This means not only important economic savings (especially for restaurants, bars, catering and canteens), but also in a circular process that protects the environment and avoids unnecessary waste.

our BLOG

Discover what happens in Linea Bicé world with our blog: we do share with you our passion for innovation and enviromental respect!

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